Bojack Horseman


In 2014, Netflix introduced “Bojack Horseman,” a show that takes a satirical look at Hollywood  while also commenting on contemporary celebrity culture. The show follows the character of Bojack Horseman (Will Arnett), an anthropomorphic horse who works as anactor in Hollywood. After the recent announcement of Season 5, a few questions entered my mind about the future of Bojack. Will Bojack be able to continue delivering more funny jokes and punchlines? Will he let his old nihilistic ways get the best of him? Or willhe continue to be the caring and compassionate individual that he is at the end of Season 4? When I first started watching “Bojack Horseman,” I thought it was going to be a typical comedy, like “Family Guy” or “South Park,” where punchlines repeat themselves and eventually get old. Once I really got into it, however, I found it hard to stop laughing because the series…