Moving from person to person, bike to bike, giving advice and getting her hands dirty, Jennifer Everhart never stays still at the dingy bike workshop in the Stony Brook Student Union basement. A small entourage trails behind her, like a flock of ducklings following their mother— they’re barraging her with questions, asking for help, but for every problem she solves, two more pop up. “Sorry, we’re just crazy busy tonight,” she says between breaths. “It’s spring, so we’ve got lots of students coming in to fix their bikes.” Everhart is the president of the Stony Brook Freewheel Collective, a campus club that teaches students proper bike repair and maintenance. The club has had a strong presence on the campus for more than a decade, but it got its start in a Huntington basement over 14 years ago. “A couple of grad students from the ecology department used to go dumpster…