Since the dawn of man, it has been exactly that. Men this; men that. “Stronger, smarter, better,” apparently. As a man myself I’ve gotta admit that I’ve benefitted tremendously in only 20 years from simply being born with a different anatomy, and that’s without mentioning race. In order to take a more objective view at gender, it might help to ignore human history. It’s a little man-washed. That being said, let’s take one big step outside the world of humans and see how other species are handling the trial of XX against XY. We’ll start small in the realm of those that buzz  and freak us the hell out. Insects. Bees are dying at an alarming rate. That has nothing to do with my point but it’s true. In the case of the honeybee, the female is literally the queen. But this isn’t a one woman show. Contrary to popular…