Romance Dawn Aesthetic is a buzzword that can have an immense amount of power. At its best, aesthetic is something that communicates a certain emotion or idea. It’s something that represents its subject as a concept. Nowadays, especially in the social media-obsessed culture we inhabit, an artist’s visual aesthetic is oftentimes the first exposure someone has to them. For example, take the band Elvis Depressedly. One only needs to take a single look at the band’s album artwork — the often scratchy, grainy 16 mm photograph — to get a feel for the lo-fi, scratchy, somber-sounding music and lyrics they’re in for. Eventually, as with most things, cultures and genres begin to evolve. The changing times allow for new influencers and ideas to take center stage. As a result, new sounds, fashion statements and sub-genres are born. With an early embrace of cross colors, celebration of oversized clothing and a…