The Undervalued Actor

During the Golden Globe Awards, Meryl Streep took the stage to accept a lifetime achievement award. What followed was a moving speech in favor of diversity and journalism, against bullying, and perhaps most imp... Read More

America’s Biggest Fear

America needs to deal with it’s terrorphobia to win the war on terror and Americans are incredibly paranoid about terrorism. Gallup’s latest polling for 2016 has found that 51% of Americans are at least som... Read More

The Trump Era Dawns

On December 31st, when the ball drops in New York and you reflect on the past year, what will stand out most from 2016? For the editors of TIME magazine there was no person more prominent in 2016 than President... Read More

The Death of Deadass

Another great word from the large dictionary of New York City slang has died. Deadass is officially dead. The internet has seized the word like real estate vultures in Hunt's Point. It had a good run but I'... Read More