I’m The One Who Lives Here

Alarm clock rings. Legs swing out from under the sheets, arms reach out to my bathrobe, grab my shower caddy and head towards the suite shower; running completely on autopilot. I had had the same dream again, h... Read More

The Ocean Void

Ever since I was a child, I could see the damned at the bottom of the ocean. If you ever preyed upon your fellow human being, if you betrayed the one person whom you promised your loyalty to, if the pain of the... Read More
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The Song

They must escape into the lyrics of the song They feel as if they have to belong They listen to the beat, and vibe to it, with internal pleasure. They remember that music, Can last forever. &nbs... Read More

Bumper Sticker Psychology

There was a dead moon at the end of the interstate. It sat so low in the sky. From behind houses, buildings and trees it disappeared. On the straightaways it returned. Every slight turn on the road brought i... Read More

Collected Poems

Giddy Up I have had a friendship with a want to be cowgirl for eight years and each year she becomes more striking. She has helped me through all of my problems and dried my suffocating tears. Neve... Read More

Collected Poems

Thoughts Over Dinner She says she’s not ready to be in a relationship right now. I don’t understand that phrase – Are you not lonely enough, not wanting to be loved enough? I have been d... Read More

Don’t You Dare Hide From Me

I was only four-years-old when I first met the rug of black sun. My parents came across it somehow and decided to take it home, thinking that it would fill our living room with a sense of intercontinental cu... Read More