Seeing Heartbeats

Naveen Mallangada was looking forward to spending his day doing research inside the Division of Cancer Prevention at the Health Science Center before he entered the tunnel. The frigid February air was not enough to kill the excitement the sophomore felt as ... Read More

Struggle for TAP Intensifies

When Michael Brasile first came to Stony Brook in the fall of 2014 as a Biology major, he was excited to be in college and eager to get as much out of his experience as possible. But he quickly learned that Biology was not for him, and for the spring 2014 seme... Read More

Kidney Courier

Dr. Frank Darras has a light meal on this kind of day. It has to be big enough to keep him going, but small enough to not to break his focus later on and add pressure to the knife of anticipation over his head as his patients wait for him in the presurgical ar... Read More

Trumping ‘Round the World

It seems like almost everyone knows billionaire business mogul Donald Trump. Trump has stirred conversation here and abroad, much of it negative. Many of the foreign students we spoke to found Trump’s politics shocking yet strangely familiar. He is employi... Read More

Combating College Sexual Assault

Parents send their children to colleges and universities for a safe and contained educational experience, but college campuses are rapidly becoming hunting grounds for sexual assaults. SUNY campuses especially have faced rising sexual assault reports within th... Read More

Art of Fixing Arcades

David Lee Wolper spends too much time in his basement. The LED lights shining through glass cases illuminate the dark underbelly of his house. The only other light is from his workshop, where there are old circuit boards, switches and wires. It is quiet, u... Read More

Finders Keepers

Bryan Burgazzoli has an undeniable charm. He is an entertainer who can deliver clever punchlines to a room filled with people, a romantic who can turn garbage picking into a date night with his wife, and an artist that can turn trash into pieces fit for the Mu... Read More