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S.P.A vs. S.P.A

By Nick Batson and Jodie Mann A huge challenge faced by any event planner, like the director of Stony Brook University’s Special Programming Agency, is managing to find the time and space appropriate for any event. Jackie Cowles, this year’s SPA director... Read More
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A S.A.B Story

By Nick Statt and Carol Moran The Student Activities Board, the Undergraduate Student Government agency responsible for putting on large-scale campus events, has approximately $110,000 still unspent this year--even after the $215,000 allocated for the end o... Read More
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Festival of the Moving Body

The Festival of the Moving Body, held March 16 and 17 in the Wang Center, brought together over 100 people from all over the world and from different professions interested in the field of movement and its positive effects on the human body. From dance instruc... Read More
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The Boys are Back in Town

The high-pitched screams echo off the walls of Radio City Music Hall. Bright beams of light illuminate the dark stage, followed by explosions and a line of flames that materialize from the floor. Four silhouettes appear behind a rising screen as the sold-out c... Read More

A Different Perspective on Science

It was the February of 1985, and Robert Crease sat across the table from the Nobel Prize winning physicist Richard Feynman in his Caltech office. The subject was unification–the idea that there lies in wait a universal theory of everything. It was Einstein’s d... Read More