Stony Brook Artist: David Deng

David Deng carefully brushes his fifth layer of hard ground, a waxy material that allows drawings to be etched, onto a rectangular copper sheet. Next to him is an unplugged pair of earbuds and a milk chocolate almond Hershey’s bar. While other students in the ... Read More

Paths To Altruism

One man’s story begins in Jalandhar, India with a 15-year-old boy riding a red bike. A traffic circle midway between Guru Amar Dass Public School and his home. A car accident. The second man’s story starts in New Orleans with a superhero. A woman called “Lo... Read More

Female Acapella

In the fall of 2013, Erynn Mcleod spent her first semester at Stony Brook University behind a desk, memorizing facts about phytoplankton and marine mammals. Since then, the current music director of The Pipettes, Stony Brook’s all-female a cappella group, has ... Read More

Breaking Boundaries, Home and Abroad

Zoya Vallari walked down the winding hall on the fourth floor of the Physics building and poked her head into a large classroom where two graduate students were chalking calculus problems on the board. “May I use this room for a few minutes?” she said. As we w... Read More

Remember the Bridge?

Nowadays, the “Bridge to Nowhere” is something of a myth, a story told to freshmen about how absurd the campus they call home is. When new students are in their first semester or so, they are told about how Stony Brook University built half of a bridge, going ... Read More

Graffiti On The Island

At 60 miles per hour everything looks like a blur outside the window of a speeding Long Island Rail Road train. The Port Jefferson line cuts through the Island’s thick foliage and creates waves of green, with grey houses and highways cutting into the mix. B... Read More


My mother was a victim of domestic abuse. Except she doesn’t consider herself a victim. She survived 23 years of emotional, verbal and physical abuse while single-handedly raising seven children on her own. She is a survivor. Twenty people per minu... Read More

Chinatown Gangs

Once the grounds of a Chinese-Italian gang affair, the storefronts and doors of Bowery are crammed together in a wall of reds and greens. Jerry Wong first turns toward a storefront. He buys grapes, greets the grocer as he weighs them and makes a turn into a... Read More

The Upside Down

The tunnels underneath the academic mall at Stony Brook University have an almost mythical status. Most students seem to know something about them, but almost no one knows anything concrete.   Some of the more popular myths are that any student caug... Read More