Latino Heritage Month

With the coming of fall, back to school and Halloween on our heels, it’s easy to overlook Latino Heritage Month, which starts in the middle of September and ends in the middle of October. How could one possibly celebrate when more important things are at stake... Read More

University Cafe

The dark room bathed in pools of blue, green and red lights adds an ambience that can be instantly related to an indie music venue; posters of past performances line one side of the mirrored walls, with an unclaimed section reflecting a marble topped bar; the ... Read More

Group Dance

There is a circle of 10 empty chairs in the center of the room. Rows of fluorescent lights glow brightly from the ceiling, waiting for something to move beneath them. A few minutes before 4 p.m., a woman and a man enter. For the woman, the walk from the doo... Read More

Close Quarters

College is a wonderland full of opportunity, adventure and new people to piss off. What better way to start this new chapter in your life than by aggravating your roommate! 1. Assume the room is yours! If they wanted personal space they would've paid fo... Read More

In the Clubs

With over 400 clubs and organizations at Stony Brook, it is difficult to figure out what to get involved with at the beginning of the semester. Often times our majors can make us feel trapped into joining certain clubs and organizations. We imagine our future ... Read More

Choosing Classes

How much time do you spend choosing classes? If you are like me in my freshmen year, a lot. I combed the Undergraduate Bulletin for days, enamored with the collegiate sounding classes: Introduction to Political Science, Moral Reasoning, Society and Evolutio... Read More

A Little Jam With Your Meal

Despite eating alone most of the time, Barbara Werner has patented a way to make the most of her meal. “I started taking myself out to dinner, but restaurants don’t even realize what they do,” Werner, founder of Musical Pairing, said. “They announce to the... Read More

A Protest of Words

Ross Barkan was once caught stealing a muffin from the SAC cafeteria at Stony Brook University, and he wrote over 1,000 words on why. It was April 2010, and the financial crash was still beating a hole in the nation’s collective consciousness. But only a co... Read More

The Graduates: A Teacher

Within the depths of my mind, beyond the library of recipes of international cuisine, the stacks of grammar (subjects on top of verbs on top of squished semi-colons and over-due periods), and through the shelves stuffed with anecdotes, stories, life lessons an... Read More