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The Life of a Horticulturist

By Priscilla Korb Most would expect someone who has to work before 5:30 in the morning to be slightly grumpy. But that’s not the case with Andrea Petterson, the Stony Brook University’s horticulturalist. As she sits at her neat desk in her uncluttered... Read More
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The Debate Experience

By Nicole Brems On Tuesday, Oct. 16, thousands of people gathered at Hofstra University for the second presidential debate between President Obama and Governor Romney. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to attend. From the start the debate wasn... Read More
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Quinceañera in the USA

By Priscila Korb Illuminated by a bright spotlight was a long table draped in a white cloth, on which sat a small pink cake. Twinkling string lights hung from the ceiling, lighting all but the side of the room where the guests’ dinner sat waiting in steamin... Read More
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Sanders and Sugar

Stony Brook’s Staller Steps are always filled with friends enjoying the weather. Beginning last spring an unusual new pair could be seen, Professor Jonathan Sanders and his four-legged best friend. “One day about four or five years ago, I was taking her for... Read More
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Esam Al-Shareffi: USG Parliamentarian

At the weekly Undergraduate Student Government Senate meetings, it is common to see the meeting chair, Executive Vice President Aimee Pomeroy, whispering to the man with the laptop sitting next to her. Silently typing away for most of the meeting, USG Parliame... Read More
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OnWatch is Watching You

The OnWatch App running on iOS.   Janaa Bryant didn’t know what she was getting herself into when she agreed to let a guy she met at a West Apartment party in May walk her back to her dorm. When they reached Hand College in Tabler, Bryant was re... Read More


Dr. John Donoghue and a team of scientists at Brown University in Rhode Island are working on a project that will give paralyzed people full restoration of their limbs. Dr. Donoghue came to Stony Brook to speak at the 16th Annual Mind Brain Lecture, on Monday ... Read More