Zaynab Ubaid


Geuris German is a young, industrious college student who dreams of becoming a biomedical engineer, but there is a catch. His single-parent family, with an annual income of only $25,000 a year, couldn’t afford the rent on their house. They were evicted, losing most of their possessions, including a couch, china cabinet and TV. “It was hard,” said 18-year-old German, recounting that day. Yet despite his financial hardships, German managed to excel in high school and was accepted to Stony Brook University. Now he struggles to pay for college. German is one of many who is academically qualified but financially unqualified for college. According to the Department of Education, poor students with high math scores are as likely as to graduate college with a bachelor’s degree (41 percent) as rich students with low scores. The probable cause? The average cost of tuition, fees and room and board rose 10 percent…