Verdah Ahmad


Verdah Ahmad, a junior sociology major and the Vice President of the Muslim Students’ Association at Stony Brook University, is the daughter of two Pakistani immigrants who came to America 25 years ago in the hopes of seeing their children help build the country that gave them opportunity. In this letter she expresses the challenges that the Trump administration causes for Muslims in the U.S.: On Jan. 27, I watched Donald Trump sign his fourteenth executive order in six days, wielding his glorified sharpie-sword to cut off immigrants and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries to American borders. Promising to “[establish] new vetting measures to keep radical Islamic terrorists out of the United States of America,” Trump and his administration gleamed as they augmented and consolidated the grimy gears of an Islamophobic machine that has existed in this nation for decades. As a Muslim-American, witnessing the implementation of legislation that…