The Stony Brook Press


I stopped watching American Idol. Quite frankly, it’s become a mockery of itself (Simon Cowell used to be my curmudgeonly hero; but he has long since been replaced by Gregory House). Luckily, Stony Brook Idol is still fresh and interesting, and a great opportunity to see the sort of talent that can’t necessarily come out to the Open Mic Nights at Tabler or the various productions that occur every semester.

Stony Brook is famous for many things: churning out doctors by the hundreds, being one of the leading research schools in the country, and an overwhelming Asian student population on the east coast. With such a rich cultural representation on campus comes interesting and exciting events. Cultural events pop up throughout the month of April; however, one stands out above the rest.

It was Wednesday the 9th when my friend Anna from SBU-TV stopped me in the Student Union lobby. We hadn’t spoken to each other in ages and decided to catch up and trade news. At one point, the subject of journalism minors came up. We compared our progress and our professors. Professor Greene’s name came up and it felt like speaking of good times, how Greene was this sentimental nice guy.