Sarah Beckford


“I’m so accustomed to flames I couldn’t tell you it’s fire.” It’s a considerably ambitious line from Brockhampton’s opening track “NEW ORLEANS” for their fourth studio album, iridescence. The highly anticipated record serves as the boy band’s major label debut for RCA, after a whirlwind year following last year’s “SATURATION” trilogy. Released via Question Everything/RCA, the album spans fifteen tracks, recorded in a window of ten days at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. The real question is: Does this body of work actually hold up aside from fan attention and praise? This record is one that puts you into the band’s mindset. You feel their high points and their low points, and even some non-categorizable points, like the transition from “NEW ORLEANS” to “THUG LIFE.” These two songs are practically fraternal twins in sound — the only thing holding them together is Brockhampton’s self-sample of Bearface’s “NEW ORLEANS” verse. The…