The Ocean Void

Ever since I was a child, I could see the damned at the bottom of the ocean. If you ever preyed upon your fellow human being, if you betrayed the one person whom you promised your loyalty to, if the pain of the... Read More

Don’t You Dare Hide From Me

I was only four-years-old when I first met the rug of black sun. My parents came across it somehow and decided to take it home, thinking that it would fill our living room with a sense of intercontinental cu... Read More

The Future of Sound

The future will be digitized, and music is going to be a part of it. But it’ll be more than just the drum loops and auto-tune that we’re used to. The future is bringing us a new partner, machines that will jam ... Read More

The Splat Falls Flat

The last good cartoons I remember watching on Nickelodeon were Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, which blew away all the normal conventions of children’s cartoons to produce something uniquely... Read More