Stuck in the Middle With You

Democrats and Republicans. Blue or Red. One or One. For most of America’s history, there has been a system of two parties overwhelming the rest, whether it be called the Democrats and Republicans or the same va... Read More

La La Lame

I love musicals. Some of my earliest memories include my mother tap-dancing around the kitchen singing songs to me from Bye Bye Birdie, Grease, or her own version of Singin’ in the Rain. My mom used to call me ... Read More

In the Clubs

With over 400 clubs and organizations at Stony Brook, it is difficult to figure out what to get involved with at the beginning of the semester. Often times our majors can make us feel trapped into joining certa... Read More

Gymtimidation, Debunked

“Gymtimidation.” The term has recently come into pop culture to express a fear or nervousness about going to the gym. This is something that I, a regular on the elliptical and treadmill at the Stony Brook Recre... Read More

“Fifth Beatle” Dies at 90

Sir George Martin, frequent collaborator and legendary music producer of The Beatles, passed away on March 8th, 2016 at the age of 90. Martin is considered the true “Fifth Beatle” for all of his efforts in the ... Read More