Jackson Plimpton


If only all football fans could understand the pain and anguish of following such a poorly run franchise.  The Jets, notorious for draft-day blunders, butt-fumbles and mediocrity, often give fans little reason to be optimistic.  What else makes life difficult for the typical Jets fan?  Well, for starters, ticket prices are extremely steep. Fireman Ed is gone.  You can’t buy jerseys to support your favorite team because you know it will diminish in value over the next few years when the player on the back is traded or released.  The list goes on, the Jets never ceasing to amaze fans with a new level of disappointment.  Yet, the average Jet fan, more so than any other, has a reason to be optimistic.  Why?  It’s just the Jet way, and only a Jets fan can understand that. The Jets come into the season with a new head coach and general manager.…