Sheer Mag

Last night, Sheer Mag played Revolution in Amityville and brought their new twist on classic rock to Long Island. No band has been able to replicate the distinct 1970’s sound that bands like Led Zeppelin pionee... Read More

Run the Jewels

Run the Jewels is my favorite rap group of all time. This is not a slight to the revolutionary virtues of N.W.A or Public Enemy, nor to the empowering intellect and attitude of the Wu-Tang Clan or A Tribe Ca... Read More

Speedy Ortiz

Stony Brook University’s Graduate Student Organization brought in rockers Speedy Ortiz and Rick from Pile earlier this month for the first Stony Brooklyn show of the semester. Rick from Pile opened the show... Read More

Fuck Toll

Few conflicts on this Earth resemble the conflict that I’ve recently had with Stony Brook Housing. In my many conflicts in life, this has perhaps been one of the greatest. Fuck Toll Drive. Let’s rewind to la... Read More