Nasty Fem-animals

Since the dawn of man, it has been exactly that. Men this; men that. “Stronger, smarter, better,” apparently. As a man myself I’ve gotta admit that I’ve benefitted tremendously in only 20 years from simply bein... Read More

La La Land

A sweltering Los Angeles sun. Cars packed into the Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange bumper to bumper. A chorus of honks, radio and idling engines goes quiet. A woman in a yellow dress pops out of her sedan and... Read More

Women’s Soccer

Despite a tough ending last fall, the Stony Brook women’s soccer team is poised for a deep playoff run this season after several big changes. Senior striker Amy Thompson, a member of Luxembourg’s national t... Read More

Dory Finds Herself

Finding Dory sees everyone's favorite fish back in the long awaited sequel to one of Disney Pixar’s greatest search and rescue stories, Finding Nemo. It's time for another journey to find lost loved ones, an... Read More