Jeni Dhodary


Maybe it is time to consider that we fall in love not with people, but with moments: a moment in which our lover is bold, a moment in which they excite us and a moment in which they exude kindness, compassion or any other quality we may deem worthy of love.

The death of Dylan Hernandez, a fraternity pledge at San Diego State University, marks the fourth death this month in an incident related to fraternity hazing. His death comes at a time when Greek organizations are under increased scrutiny by university administrators and has therefore led to the suspension of fourteen fraternities in his university.

As the impact of the 2008 recession dwindles into America’s amnesiac consciousness, the nation’s economy has seen the rise of another subtle but looming economic catastrophe. Student loan debt, already at a record high of $671 billion in 2008, rose to $1.52 trillion last year according to the Federal Reserve – a figure higher than the current standing $1.3 trillion GDP of Spain.