Gabrielle Paniccia


“You’d look prettier if you smiled.” Most women have, at least once in their lives, heard someone tell them that they should smile more. It’s a line usually delivered by some creepy old man who doesn’t realize that his comments are unwelcome, and at a time when there’s absolutely no reason why you would be smiling. For those who suffer from resting bitch face, these kinds of comments may be thrown at you more often. Your stony, unamused visage may prompt random strangers to inform you how much your features would be benefited by a smile. Now, it’s safe to say it’s douchey to make a comment like that in the first place. Women don’t exist for the viewing pleasure of others, and they most certainly don’t have to pretend to be happy while taking the subway to work or shopping for groceries. It’s interesting, then, that the term for…