Carlos Lopez


America has this thing where it likes to change the slogans of social movements to better represent the white middle-class community. For instance, Black Lives Matter has been altered to All Lives Matter. What more could you do to slap a community right in the face? Well, Trump was able to give a backhand to the Latino community in his 2018 State of the Union by asserting, “Americans are Dreamers too!” Trump’s relationship with the Hispanic community can be described in no another word but ambiguous. One month he says that Mexico is sending drugs and rapist, but, the next month he says that they are amazing and hard working people. The same ambiguity could be said about Trump’s opinions on Puerto Rico. So, by saying that American are Dreamers too is quite strange. Without a doubt, the termination of DACA; which affects about 800,000 recipients, and the termination of…