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Big Coffees Go Bye Bye?

On March 11, Justice Milton A. Tingling of the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan decided that Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s limits on sugary beverages were “arbitrary and capricious,” stopping the restricti... Read More
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Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 retains the series’ reputation for being an unpredictable horror game, but loses the allure its predecessors developed with their unique storylines. The game opens with a scruffy and depressed I... Read More

Check Yer Mail

It was Monday, January 7th that the University decided to change the email policy. Emails that were once linked to Blackboard were erased and reset to the default University email address ending in “@stonybrook... Read More
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Warming the bones

“Warm Bodies,” based on the book by Isaac Marion, is a movie that does something that hasn’t really been done before: it’s told from the perspective of a zombie. This movie draws from multiple genres, drama, ro... Read More

Gender Roles

Yes We Can! There has always been the misconception that women can’t do heavy labor because of their sex. It’s happened to me on numerous occasions, and, more often than not, I have to let it go. When the same... Read More
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I just spent 15 minutes chipping away pixels of a giant virtual cube. Why? Well because I’m curious. Peter Molyneux, with the help of developer 22Cans, created Curiosity. This experiment was created to te... Read More