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Ludacris at SBU

The red zone was empty, but there was noise, as the Undergraduate Student Government held its end-of-the-year concert in the Kenneth P. LaValle Stadium for the first time in the history of Stony Brook Universit... Read More
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Color him mysterious. His voice is steady. He chooses his words carefully; he speaks as if he’s composing a written piece, with the absence of slang and the presence of well-constructed sentences. He a... Read More
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Revised SAB Bylaws

The changes to the Student Activities Board bylaws proposed by Undergraduate Student Government Sentator Kenneth Myers on Oct. 2 have been approved. Under the new bylaws, the name of SPA was changed to ASAB—... Read More
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Found A Job Fair

I went to the job fair because I wanted to meet Katie Curcio, head of the internship program at CBS. I arrived at 12:20 p.m., expecting that there would be a line leading up to her table. Instead, I saw an em... Read More
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Hello Froyo

Those who enjoyed eating in Roth Food Court will soon be exposed to an atmospheric change -- Roth Regatta Café featuring Red Mango is set to open for business during the Spring 2013 semester, according to a fac... Read More

Boat Building 101

The Roth Pond Regatta is an event that has been taking place annually at Stony Brook dating all the way back to 1989. Cardboard contraptions disguised in paint and tape line the edges of Stony Brook University’... Read More