Chick-fil-A is a fast food chain notoriously known for their waffle fries, chicken sandwiches and homophobia.  Not only does CEO Dan T. Carthy assertively shove his religious beliefs down the company’s throats by closing on Sundays but he also shoves it down the public’s throats as well. Some may ask, “Does the CEO stating he doesn’t believe in gay marriage really warrant you calling him homophobic?” Well maybe I’m wrong and Carthy believing marriage should be exclusively confined to individuals who fit into his preconceived notion of who love should be between doesn’t make him homophobic, just a self important, egotistic, overbearing asshole.  

Since its birth, the owners of Chick-fil-A have made it a goal to incorporate their religious beliefs into the company’s culture, rendering Carthy’s homophobic agenda even more obnoxious.  Chick-fil-A has also reportedly donated over $2M to anti LGBT foundations, making it evident they use the company to push this agenda.  Carthy only recognized his mistake in publicizing his beliefs when it took a toll on his profits.  The backlash the family received when members of the LGBT community and allies boycotted and criticized their discriminatory beliefs had them agree to stop donating to Anti-LGBT foundations.  However, they still continue to contribute to The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which means only straight Christian athletes receive these benefits.  Should Stony Brook University be held accountable for taking money from corporations who blatantly go against the university’s policies through bias and exclusion?

Under Policy 105 in Stony Brook University’s Policy Manual, discrimination rooted off of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or religion in regards to any policies, activities, or university administered programs is prohibited.

When asked for his thoughts on who the University should be accepting money from, President Stanley responded during a Student Media Conference on February 15, “It’s very different if the owner of Chick-fil-A is donating money to a political cause, right, that’s a very different kind of criteria.”   

If discrimination on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or religion are prohibited under this policy, does Chick-fil-A only contributing to straight and Christian athletes not fall under that policy?  Does anyone really believe that donating to an Anti LGBT political cause is “different criteria”?  Can we stop pretending that masking offensive and prejudiced beliefs through religion makes them okay?  I must have blanked out on the part where political causes were excluded from being discriminatory. It’s not like Donald Trump just won the election based off of discrimination.  In light of recent events, especially the inauguration of ugly cheeto  Donald Trump, continuing to take money from a corporation who actively advocates for heteronormativity puts students within the LGBT community in an uncomfortable position.  Accepting this money implies that while the University may claim to prohibit bias and exclusion, they won’t go as far as cutting ties with corporations that promote it.  

President Stanley repeatedly pressed that Chick-fil-A as a company, is very different from the Chick-fil-A owners, but are the Chick-fil-A owners not the ones who run the company? I’m confused.  

President Stanley concluded that if provided with evidence of discrimination,

“I think I would need to review it first of all and understand what happened.  What was the context, was that an individual store owner who happened to be associated with Chick-fil-A or is that a corporate policy for Chick-fil-A, those are two different things obviously so I need to understand that before I take action.”

Translation: We are probably going to ignore or find an excuse for any evidence presented to us and continue to take this money because the possibility that LGBT students on campus may feel excluded and discriminated against over the university’s involvement with this company is not as important as the straight Christian boys getting money!